Almacenamiento 10 GB 30 GB 75 GB
Ancho de banda 2 GB 40 GB 400 GB
Canales en vivo 1 10 60
Video bajo demanda 5 150 300
Soporte Email Email & Chat Email, Chat with priority
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CORE FEATURES Gratuito Premium Platinum
HTML5 Player
HLS & DASH Adaptive Streaming
Monthly Streaming & Storage Included
No Viewer Limits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
4k, UltraHD & Full HD Broadcasting
Mobile Device Support
Embeddable HTML5 Players 1 up to 10 up 15
Customizable HTML5 Player
Multi-Bitrate streaming
Support for Live & VOD
Videos on demand 1 500 Unlimited
Ads on Videos on demand
Video live streaming channels 1 15 Unlimited
Ads on Video live streaming channels
Landing Page Generator For Live Events 1 10 15
Ads on Landing Page Generator
Ads & logo-free streaming
Secure Delivey Over HTTPS
Geo Restrictions Solo Enterprise
Social Sharing Buttons
Real Time Analytics
Platform API For 3th Party Integration
Paywall Solo Enterprise
M3u8 Links For Live Channels
Multiple Platform Accounts 2 4
VAST/VPAID/Google IMA Advertising
Player Studio (Custom Players) 10 15
CLI Upload Plugin
Adblock Detection
Tokenization Solo Enterprise
Universal DRM Solo Enterprise
Advanced Account Analytics
Video On Demand Captions
Email with priority
Chat sin prioridad with priority
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